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Exceed.team provides blockchain architecture, design and development services for emerging tech companies, especially those with pending ICO’s, including White Paper development. We have expertise in Ethereum blockchain tools, including Embark, Solidity and IPFS, and how they integrate into secure, open-source full-stack cloud environments.


Ethereum isn’t just a great Cryptocurrency, it’s a way to put secure Smart Contracts into a distributed environment on the blockchain. We know its strengths and limitations. Let’s talk.


Solidity is a contract-oriented, high-level language whose syntax is similar to that of JavaScript and it is designed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer and more open. IPFS aims to replace HTTP and build a better web for all of us.

Embark is a framework integrating EVM blockchains, Solidity and IPFS. It allows easy development and deployment of Decentralized Applications (DApps) – serverless html5 applications.

High Performance Teams

As you’re growing your team, Exceed.team also provides consulting, analytics, training and coaching to help tech teams and companies scale and exceed expectations. We do this by breaking down everything it takes to create a great team into 8 areas. We then measure your team in each of those areas by asking specific questions. Once we have the answers – and the analytics from those answers – we help you focus on specific steps so your team can exceed all of their baseline measurements. This approach also provides Managers, Tech Leaders, and C-level executives the structure and confidence they need to free up their time so they can focus on strategically running the business.



To create the best products, you have to understand your customers, their pain points, and your motivation for helping them. Our Product approach helps your team uncover the best solutions for your customers and gets everyone aligned behind them.


Plans are what you want to accomplish, not how you want to accomplish them. Our approach for Plans helps your team discover the what – along with the urgency, scope and resources required to get it placed properly onto your Product Roadmap.


A Process is all about how you want to accomplish something, not what you want to accomplish. Our Process approach involves helping your team select the right methodology components that work best to minimize steps and keep things flowing.


People are the most important aspect of any project. Yet their needs are often overlooked. Our People approach helps your team create a psychologically safe environment where everyone is empowered to take risks, be trusted, and be held accountable.


With so many competing projects and ideas, establishing priorities often seems impossible. Our Priority approach provides specific tools to help your team and its stakeholders weight and rank their priorities to surface the most important projects and features.


Once plans, processes, people and priorities have been established, it’s time to get things done! Our Performance approach helps your team apply the right timely measurements to make sure everyone is passionate and everything is going as planned.


How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice! That goes for individuals who often feel they are just a cog in a wheel, and teams who aren’t given time to gel. Our Practice approach helps create individual and group plans for moving towards mastery.


Success! Your product is in production. Now the juggling act starts. If this was a Minimum Viable Product launch, you need to quickly get customer feedback and iterate while supporting the MVP. Our Production approach helps your team juggle their responsibilities.







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  • David is the most inspirational leader I ever worked with. Great listener, trusted mentor, master of creating stimulating and fun environment. He makes you volunteer for an impossible task with such an ease that when it's done, you have no doubts that it was your own idea.

    - Igor Baikalov, Chief Scientist at Securonix
  • From the moment he arrived, David impressed his colleagues and me with his passion, his intelligence and his extreme diligence. He demonstrated a unique ability to work at both a very detailed level with his development team and a strategic level as a senior executive at the company.

    - Matt Edelman, Head of Digital Operations and Marketing Solutions, WME-IMG (William Morris Endeavor - IMG)
  • David is a rare technology visionary who understands business, and is also an exceptionally good boss. David is able to start with the business need, collaborate on elegant technical solutions that are maximally easy to implement and maintain, and then manage the people to get the work done.

    - Thomas Cox, Director of Becoming a Best Boss Speaking, Training & Coaching


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David Moss

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  • April 8, 2017


    Welcome to Exceed.Team! We work from one simple idea: teams work best when everyone is engaged. Yet ...

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